Monday, October 18, 2010

Find Your Fit

I made an interesting scientific discover this weekend - 6'5" guys are NOT meant to fit under the kitchen sink. The evidence to support this discovery is found in the aching muscles in my shoulders, arms, and back.

In a moment of Sunday afternoon inspiration, I decided to replace our kitchen faucet. Sue was in K.C. visiting our daughter, so I thought I would surprise my wife, who considers her husband totally inept at home repairs. Next time, I'm just giving her flowers - much easier.

I emptied out the stuff under the kitchen sink and gathered up my tools - crescent wrench, screwdriver, channel lock, bucket, plumber's putty. I even made sure I had the mandatory plumber's crack. (Just kidding on that one. TMI.)

The box for the faucet said, "New, easy installation." Yeah, if you're one of those little dudes from Willy Wonka. I quickly discovered my 6'5" frame does not fit under a tiny kitchen sink cabinet filled with pipes and a garbage disposal. What should have been a fairly quick replacement turned into a three hour, frustration filled, body punishing, evening of torture.

I finally finished the job. There is both hot and cold water, there are no leaks, and the faucet actually looks great, much to my amazement. But the job was way too hard because I was not a good fit for the job.

Need a bulb changed in your ceiling light? I got it. Need your ceiling painted? No problem. Feeling a little short and need someone to grab something off the top shelf? I'm there for you. I'm great at those things - they fit me well.

As we walk through life it's important to find the right fit. God has created us with both potential and limitations. He has given us gifts and short-comings. Each of us has our strengths and weaknesses.

Wise people understand this. Wise people play to their strengths. Wise people spend the majority of their time and energy doing those things that fit.

By the way, the next time I have a job that involves crawling into a cabinet, I'm calling a plumber.


  1. What a wonderful blog! Insightful! I have been keeping up on your blogging. But this one I really liked! Thank you. Jenn

  2. The first paragraph image of you trying to fit yourself under the kitchen - it makes me life. I can hear you telling this as I read. I'm also encouraged to play/work to my strengths - Thank you for sharing.