Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 Reasons I Quit My Job For One Without A Salary

Well, I did it. I resigned yesterday as Lead Pastor at my church to take a job with an organization that can't pay me a salary. At the age of 54, I'm starting a new career without the assurance of a paycheck. I think I'm beginning to grasp how Peter felt when Jesus called him to get out of the boat and become a wave-walker. Those waves are starting to look big!
What makes a relatively level-headed and somewhat over-the-hill Baptist pastor attempt something so risky? I've been asking myself that question a lot. I think there are 3 reasons:

1. The truth is, I am level-headed and somewhat over-the-hill. In other words, my life has become a little boring. I need to experience the thrill of faith. Last week I heard Francis Chan ask, "Since when did the goal of life become to be safe and grow old?" I have a feeling things are going to be a little more exciting the next several months.
2. This is my chance to have major Kingdom influence for Jesus. My new position will allow me to impact perhaps thousands of men, their families, and churches for Jesus. The potential for Kingdom impact outweighs the need the need for financial guarantee.
3. If I'm really honest with myself, this change isn't as risky as it might first seem. The Lord has my back. He's been faithful in the past --- he'll be faithful tomorrow. When Peter began to sink under the waves, Jesus lifted him up to safety. When I do fail, and it's probably more of matter of when rather than if, Jesus will take care of me. Of this I'm certain.

I can't wait to start my new position in two weeks. I ask my friends to pray for me. I want to be bold for Jesus. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to get out of my boat walk on a few waves!

Have you ever done any wave-walking? Tell me your story.

To learn more about the organization I'm joining, go to


  1. Jim, I think your new route is part of God's plan for you. Years ago, who thought you wouldn't be a dentist at this point in your life? All the best and prayers for you, your family and your new "adventure"! Blessings!

    Chris Ann

    1. Thanks, Chris Ann. I appreciate the encouragement and I appreciate your friendship.

  2. Pastor Jim, I think what ever choice you have made to follow will be a great one! I am Catholic and not a practicing one as organized religion is not my style, but since I met you, I have thought a great deal about many things in regards to what I really believe. That I believe in God and His only Son Jesus is first and has always been something I believe in, but the way I choose to communicate with him and have him in my life has always been rather different. When I told you that quite a while ago, you told me everyone has to worship in their own way and their own time. It made me feel good that I was not told I was wrong and showed me that we follow our hearts in our belief. Whatever your new roll for God's plan is, it will be successful and bring others to Him in time. I hope you will still be around here in Fowler sometimes, we need people like you. God Bless and good luck!
    Mary-Anne Ward