Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Chemistry

On July 11, 1981, I stood with knees trembling, at the front of the sanctuary of Urbana 1st Baptist Church and watched in wonder as the most beautiful woman I've ever seen walked down the aisle to become my bride. 29 years later, two kids, three moves across the country, we're still in love and going strong. We've been blessed with good chemistry from the very beginning.

Our journey began in the fall of 1976, outside the chemistry building at The Ohio State University. As first quarter freshmen, we both had been closed out of the chemistry class we wanted and were forced to take a night class. This posed a problem for Sue. It wasn't safe for women to walk the campus alone at night. She had to find someone to walk her back to the dorm.

Here's where being tall and having a red back pack pays off. Sue noticed me walking from our dorm to class so after class she approached me outside of McPherson Hall and asked me to walk her back to the dorm. For three quarters we walked back and forth to and from chemistry class. By the end of our freshmen year the chemistry between us was coming alive. We've been walking together through life ever since.

I was tall and had a red back pack. And she was, and is, the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Doesn't quite seem like a fair exchange does it? Sort of like God's grace.

Sue, thanks for 29 incredible years. The chemistry has been wonderful! Amo te.

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