Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gentle Giant - A Message for Dads

A few years ago my Dad's screen name was "Gentle Giant," a fitting descriptor for the 6'4" greatest influencer of my life. I've always seen my Dad as a big, strong man, capable of anything. Yet, he's always been soft-spoken, humble, and joy-filled. He's gentle - a gentle giant.

I'm not a small guy either. In fact, I'm an inch taller than my Dad, a fact I love to remind him of. And, like my Dad, I too am a gentle giant.

In the third chapter of Colossians, the Apostle Paul gives some helpful advice for healthy families. It's interesting that in the two verses of advice for men (verse 19 and 21), Paul warns husbands to "not be harsh with your wife," and to "not embitter your children." Both of these negative warnings speak of the need for men to learn to control their strength, to effectively harness our God-given power and channel it to good, not harm.

Jesus is a remarkable example of a gentle giant. He had the power and strength to calm storms, cast out demons, confront sin and hypocrisy, to overturn the tables of the money-changers. He had the power to overcome the grave. And yet, he loved people, played with children, embraced the sick and weak, and wept at the grave of his friend.

Dads, be strong for the sake of your families. Lead, protect, provide. Be a giant. But please, be gentle. God has entrusted you with great responsibility and great power - use it with humility, grace, and gentleness. Your family needs a giant. Be a gentle one.

Any gentle giants in your life? Take a moment and share your story.

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